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July 13th, 2016, 5:36 am



This is actually a very timely page. Rain's very real feelings regarding her upcoming hormones are quite a bit like my feelings regarding my upcoming surgery (I swear I didn't plan it like that). Of course, she's excited. This is huge. It's what she's always wanted. It's a dream come true. And that can be scary. I was the same way when I was starting hormones. Most - if not all - of you on hormones probably did too. And for those of you who have not yet started HRT: I assure you, it's okay to be nervous. It's very natural to be afraid of change. Even ones you want or need.

Anyway, as is typical, this is the last page of the chapter but it's probably not the last page of the chapter, if you know what I mean. If you don't, expect ooooone more page next time. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

As I've been saying for a while now, I'll be going for SRS on July 26th. If you've been with me long enough to remember my cancer surgeries, you know there's going to be a lengthy hiatus for my recovery. I probably won't feel up to drawing much. Fortunately, Chapter 29 wraps up this week. So unlike my previous surgeries which cut things off awkwardly mid-chapter, this break will be a little more controlled (like any other planned hiatus). The comic will return with Chapter 30, but I don't know when. That depends on how long it takes for me to feel like I can sit upright and draw for extended periods again. I will keep you posted throughout my recovery though, so you know when that will be.

Anyway, you support is still (and will always be) welcome. ^_^

You can donate if you like -
Buy Rain: Vol. 1, 2 and/or 3 -
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I'd also like to mention that a friend and reader set up a Discord server for Rain. So if you'd like to chat with other readers in real time, or at least, have a safe space to discuss other non-comic things, you should check it out here -

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May 27th, 2019, 5:37 am



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July 13th, 2016, 5:52 am

Chandelure (Guest)



If anyone is interested.

Characters by Page Appearances:

Rain Flaherty 614
Maria Strongwell 307
Emily Caston 286
Gavin Kurz 283
Rudy Strongwell 279
Fara Bryer 218
Chanel Montoya 157
Kylie Coven 137
Aiken Flaherty 100
Jessica Li 86
Kellen Flaherty 61
Drew Borelli 59
Vincent Valverde 56
Heather Coven 51
Puddle 47
Holly O'neill 45
Anastacia Elizabeth Rubina 40
Devon Givens 38
Debbie Gero 37
Chase Brenton 31
Robert Roberts 28
Brother Arthur Feltman 27
Allison Regent 22
Colin Stack 17
Randy Martin Guy 17
Simone Kurz 16
Todd Bittner 15
Ellen Parker 13
Madison Vintage 10
Aydin Vintage 9
Father Quenton Morrison 9
Liriel Flaherty 8
Norman Strongwell 8
Brett Desrocher 7
Donna Strongwell 6
Marcus Flaherty 5
Trevor Kurz 4
Frank Johnson 4
Gerald Broom 3

And Emily surpassed almost all Main Characters. Yeah!

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July 13th, 2016, 8:17 am

Allison Michelle (Guest)




It's very natural to be afraid of change. Even ones you want or need.

For some peculiar reason, I wasn't afraid when I started HRT, but it might have been that the frustration with the delays swamped any nervousness.

I came out everywhere but at work over the past four months or so, and I'm planning to go full time as a woman at the end of the year, and I am terrified. Losing sleep, not being able to concentrate, the whole mess. Standing up and saying "I am a woman now" like I mean it is harder than I ever thought possible. I'm hoping I'll settle down after a few months of full time.

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July 13th, 2016, 11:57 am



Lol but really, this was a fantastic chapter! Can't wait for more!
And btw, congrats on your surgeries!

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July 13th, 2016, 5:56 pm



Scared? No, I don't recall being scared. Only XD \o/ >_< ^_^ :) excited.

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July 15th, 2016, 9:50 pm

GQ Guest (Guest)

Hey trans men?


I don't know if any trans guys or other transmasculine people on testosterone read this (fantastic and beautifully done,btw)comic, but if you do and you have a second...
Could you reply here and talk a bit about what it was like when you started testosterone? I'm genderqueer, afab, and nervous. Thanks!
And thank you Jocelyn for your amazing work:)

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